The Best Quit Smoking Advice You Can Get

keep-calm-and-stop-smokingHave you seen in the media recently, about UK researchers advising that e cigs are the best way to quit smoking?

If you’re trying to quit smoking, then you know that it’s not something that is terribly easy to do. This is something that you’re going to need tips on how to do, and that’s what this article is going to help you with.

Pick out a date to quit that has a lot of meaning to you. This means that you need to select a day that you’re going to be able to quit, and try to make it a day that you don’t have to do too much on so that you’re not too stressed. When you first quit you’re going to have a lot of issues with withdrawal symptoms, and sometimes it’s best to do this all on a day when you don’t have to do anything. The best time would be when you don’t have to work or do anything else.

Get rid of all of the stuff in your home that reminds you of smoking. Throw out all of your ash trays, cigarette lighters, and anything else that you associate with smoking. If you have anyone living with you that smokes, try to keep them away from you when they do so. The goal is to make it to where your home has nothing to do with smoking any longer so it doesn’t tempt you in any way. Take your time to clear out your home, and then you’ll notice that you don’t have to deal with smoking any longer!

Get a friend that you can talk to when you feel stressed out and want to smoke. Let them know that you’re trying to quit, and see if they can take calls from you to talk to you when you have a lot of stress going on in your life. Sometimes this is all you need instead of smoking, because when you can talk about what’s stressing you out it’s easy for you to let go of it all. Things are going to be hard at first, but the harder you work at it the better chance you have to quit smoking.

If you can’t just quit cold turkey, then you need to try and use other cessation methods. One of the most popular kinds of quitting smoking would be the nicotine replacement therapy options out there. This basically comes in a few forms, the most popular being the gum or the patches. What these do is they deliver nicotine to your system, and you step down slowly to different levels of nicotine. Eventually you will get to the point where you can step off of those products completely, and this is when you’re able to be smoke free, if all fails then you can try e cigs, Simply E liquid has advised that e cigs are by far the best way to quit, and then work your way down to 0mg of nicotine.

Take your time to use this quit smoking advice and you will be able to get through this if you stay determined. It’s not the easiest thing to quit doing, but many people have done it in the past. Take care of your health and put this advice into practice today!

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