The Three Main Benefits of E Cigarettes

E cigarettes have become increasingly popular over the last few years. It is now quite a simple task to do a quick online search and come up with a great number of electronic cigarette options – you can purchase them directly and they’ll drop onto your doormat in a matter of days.
Although a large number of smokers have successfully made the switch and are reaping the benefits of turning to e cigarettes, some are understandably more hesitant to take the leap.
For anyone who is teetering on the edge of giving e cigarettes a go, here are the three main benefits of making the switch to electronic cigs.

The Benefits In Your Pocket

Traditional cigarettes are a very expensive luxury, which makes it pretty difficult for people who just can’t seem to muster up the commitment to stop smoking. Heavy smokers can spend $1,000’s of dollars every year on their smoking habit, even people who smoke less than one pack a day will find that a large chunk of their budget goes up in smoke. Switching to electronic cigarettes can help to save a substantial amount of money making it the most affordable option. Although there are initial start up costs to incur, once you have past these there are many savings to be had.

The Benefits For Your Health

It takes a brave (or stupid) smoker to really take the time to weigh up the health risks they are subjecting themselves to every time they light up a cigarette. Everybody knows about the increased risk of developing lung cancer and oral cancer as well as many other potentially fatal diseases. Some cigarette brands contain more than 4000 chemicals, many of them toxic and incredibly dangerous to your health. E Cigarettes don’t contain these dangerous chemicals however; they don’t even necessarily contain nicotine. They are clearly a much healthier option than smoking traditional tobacco based cigarettes.

The Benefits For The Environment

E cigarettes can be used many times over whereas traditional tobacco butts are discarded. They also don’t release harmful carbon monoxide into the environment or any other potentially dangerous chemicals. By switching to electronic cigarettes you are actually helping to lower your carbon footprint.

In Conclusion

There are many benefits for smokers to make the switch from tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes. Why would anyone choose to pay a substantial chunk of their budget for something so harmful when they can pay a much smaller percentage for something which is, after all, a much smarter option.

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